Oobah Butler

Oobah Butler is a freelance writer and film host. Over the past two years, his work has gone from quietly admired on VICE and The Guardian to being renowned globally. For the most part, his work uses comedy and absurdity to comment on the modern era. For example, after releasing his recent stunning film and article in which he made the shed he lives in TripAdvisor’s top-rated restaurant in London, Oobah amassed over 50 million views online and dominated headlines in the climate of “fake news”, with Washington Post referring to him as “the Donald Trump of TripAdvisor” and being discussed in Singaporean parliament to inform new laws on fake news. Whether it’s swindling his way as a fake designer to the top of Paris Fashion, covertly going on BBC2’s primetime show “Eggheads” to disturb them or letting his Instagram followers vote on every decision he made for a day and thusly ending up 250 miles from his home, his ambition is to immerse himself and explore different worlds in a fun, unorthodox way.