Intelligence: one word, many meanings. It could be collective, distributed, synthetic, creative, ethical as well as logical, spatial and artificial.

Anyway, the intelligence is still the quality that allows us to know, understand, imagine and change a reality which is in flux. It helps us to grasp the deeper aspects, the connections and the relationships that govern the reality, also solving the problems that it poses.

Intelligence is a talent that has always belonged to the human species as well as animals and plants. Nowadays the intelligence also represents the increasingly achievable goal of digital technology.

This is the reason why IF2018 has chosen #intelligence as the access key to describe current scenarios and imagine the possible shapes of future.

Indeed, talking about innovation and intelligence means to talk about artificial intelligence together with learning and memory computational models. It also means to observe the experiences and automation processes that allow algorithms to propose solutions at complex problems.

Talking about #intelligence means to act on technological, cultural, political, ethical and social level, so that humanity can understand and address properly advantages, challenges and limitations that arise from the increasing integration of artificial intelligence into everyday life.

Talking about #intelligence gives also us the opportunity to talk about #smart solutions, #efficiency and #sustainability issues.

#Intelligence can help us to consider how the Net can bring together individual skills strengthening them in a collective and social function.